Substra Quality Assurance: End-to-End Tests

The Substra project is under active development as a closed-source solution. There are ongoing strategic discussions regarding the possibility of open-sourcing newer versions, but no conclusion has been reached yet.


Substra end-to-end (e2e) tests


This project requires python 3.6+.

Install tests dependencies:

pip3 install --no-cache-dir "git+"
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

The tests suite requires a Substra network up and running to test the remote backend. The network can be started with skaffold (Kubernetes) or manually with helm charts.

The substra project is needed for running the tests. It can be found here

You will need to install it thanks to the pip binary.

Run the tests

The tests can run both on the remote backend and the local backend. To run the complete test suite on both backends:

make test

Run the tests on the remote backend

The network configuration is described in a yaml file.

A default configuration file is available:

  • values.yaml (default): for networks started with Kubernetes

To run the tests using the default values.yaml file:

make test-remote

To run the tests using the provided local-values.yaml (or a custom config file):

SUBSTRA_TESTS_CONFIG_FILEPATH=local-values.yaml make test-remote

Minimal mode

Since tests can take a long time to run, some of them are marked as slow. You can run the "fast" ones with:

make test-minimal

Note that test_compute_plan from is not marked as slow even though it takes several seconds to complete. This is because it covers a very basic use case of the platform and is needed to ensure basic features aren't broken.

Run the tests on the local backend

The network configuration is described in a yaml file: local-backend-values.yaml and cannot be changed.

To run the tests using on the local backend:

make test-local

Some tests are skipped in this mode as they need the remote backend to run.

Test design guidelines

When adding or modifying tests, please follow these guidelines:

  1. The complete test suite must be independent from the substra network
    • The substra network must be started prior to (and independently from) executing the tests
    • The substra network can be running locally / on the cloud
    • The substra network must be started through kubernetes
  2. It should be possible to run the test suite multiple times without restarting the substra network
  3. Each test must have a deterministic behavior (must not fail randomly)
  4. Each test must be fast to run:
    • Avoid tests that take a lot of time to complete
    • Group related long running tests (when it makes sense)
  5. Each test should not complete before all the tuples it created have been executed. This requirement ensures that the next test will be launched with a substra network ready to execute new tuples
  6. Tests must not use hardcoded network configuration settings/values. Use settings files instead (e.g. values.yaml)
  7. Tests should target a substra network with at least 2 organisations
  8. By default, a test must pass on the remote and local backend. If the test is specific to one backend, add the corresponding mark.

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Substra Quality Assurance: End-to-End Tests
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