Servidio: JavaScript Library for Web Development


JavaScript Frontend Services.


Servidio is a JavaScript Frontend Service Library.
You will find some Services with Checkers, Fetchers, Getters & Setters.
Servidio use only Axios as dependency.

Package (recommended)

NPM : npm i servidio
Yarn : yarn add servidio

CDN (not recommended)


Latest Release
git clone
Master ZIP


Checkers part :

  • checkRange(value, message, min, max) : check range between min & max
  • checkRegex(value, message, regex) : check value with regex
  • checkRole(userRole, role) check role between admin, editor or user

Fetchers part :

  • setAxios(token, type) set axios params
  • postData(url, data, token, type) post data with axios
  • getData(url, token, type) get data with axios
  • putData(url, data, token, type) put data with axios
  • deleteData(url, token, type) delete data with axios

Getters part :

  • getCats(items) get categories from an array of objects
  • getItemName(id, items) get image name
  • getItemsByCat(items, sortBy) get items by category property

Setters part :

  • setError(error) : set error message
  • setGlobalMeta(lang, icon) set html lang & favicon
  • setMeta(title, description, url, image) set all meta for pages


You can run unit tests with Jest :
npm test

Download Details:

Author: philippebeck 
Source Code: 
License: Apache-2.0 license

#javascript #metadata #jest #regex 

Servidio: JavaScript Library for Web Development
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