What is Realfinance Network (REFI) | What is Realfinance Network token | What is REFI token

In this article, we’ll discuss information about the project Realfinance Network and REFI token

Real Finance is several decentralized products and services for the DeFi ecosystem. We will plan on building a swap on the Binance Smart Chain, where users can use the platform to swap their different BEP20 tokens. By utilizing their own Refi token, participants in the protocol can use it as means of exchange. We will also be offering to farm and stake on our platform when the website is updated

Refi Swap

Refi swap is a protocol that allows buyers and sellers to exchange their Bep20 tokens, Refi Tokens are a means of payment in this protocol later. Refiswap will be here to provide solutions to liquidity problems that exist in other ordinary exchange exchanges. The Refi platform provides automatic liquidity provision and the liquidity is no longer dependent on buyer and seller mechanisms. Refiswap makes it easy to access the crypto market. Everyone can access without having to register and log into the market, only by connecting their personal wallet so they can immediately do crypto trading activities. Other advantages also include aspects such as new tokens that can directly access liquidity by adding their tokens to the exchange with Refiswap Smartcontract. In addition, another advantage is that liquidity providers get the benefit by simply putting their funds into the liquidity pool and get a profit with a low risk.

Refi Farm

Refi farm is the practice of staking or locking cryptocurrency in Decentralized finance to get Rewards. Although this feature of obtaining returns on investment is not new, the concept of Refi farm as a whole has emerged from the decentralized financial sector. Generally it is that an individual staking can earn tokens in return for their participation in the DeFi application. Refi farming can also be called liquidity mining.

Refi Stake

Staking is the process of actively participating in the validation of transactions (similar to mining) on ​ a blockchain with a Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism, anyone with the minimum balance required to stake a particular cryptocurrency can also validate transactions on the blockchain and get rewarded for this process. Your assets will be stored in a system that allows the staking process for a certain period of time and during the storage process you can get profits for a certain period of time. The staking process rewards you, because you have staked a number of assets in the network and play a 9role in network resilience. The ease of staking is almost similar to a deposit, where you deposit a nominal amount of money, ask the bank to manage it and you will get interest. The locked crypto assets or currency will contribute to harmonizing all the wishes of the stakeholders. In short, if enough entities have digital assets at stake in a network, they all have a vested interest in keeping the network

Why Binance Smart Chain?

Binance Smart Chain is the Ideal Protocol for DeFi Projects,The DeFi market is an internet-native financial ecosystem that offers many of the products and services available in traditional finance but, instead, built on blockchain technology in the form of decentralized, autonomous applications. There are different kinds of blockchain networks that DeFi projects can leverage to build decentralized applications. For this reason, one of the most important decisions a DeFi project needs to make is to choose a robust blockchain protocol that offers a reliable cheap, fast, and user-friendly platform for DApps. Since its launch in September 2020, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has demonstrated that it is arguably one of — if not the — best blockchains for decentralized finance and DApp development.

Real Finance Token

Token Information

  • Token Name: Realfinance Network
  • Token Symbol: REFI
  • Token: REFI
  • Token Decimals: 18
  • Token Address: 0x641a6dc991a49f7be9fe3c72c5d0fbb223edb12f
  • Token Supply: 100.000.000 (100 Millions)
  • Network: Bep20
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Pre-sale informations

  • ICO price: 0.0002 BSC / 5000 Refi token per 1 BSC + 100% Bonus (1st round)
  • Listing Price:minimum is 0.0005 BSC est per Refi Token
  • ICO start date: March 06 2021
  • ICO end date: March 16 2021
  • Payment: BSC (only)
  • System: Self-Drop (automatic smart contract)
  • Soft cap: 1000 BSC
  • Hard cap: 3500 BSC

Network Governance

Building blockchain governance requires conceptualizing the relevant aspects of this power relationship in crypto with regard to governance. It is not surprising that blockchain, however, cannot be managed effectively through either mode of governance. Blockchain technology makes trust possible, before providing a stepping stone for the conceptualization of decentralized blockchain governance.

Value Stacking:

Stacked makes it fast & easy to buy a basket of cryptocurrencies modeled after popular indices. Outperforming the market is extremely difficult as an investor, but historically, investors earn higher returns by buying and holding a well structured index than they would actively trading.

Increased Security

In the decentralized world of crypto, the onus for protection is often placed on the currency holder. There are two basic forms of cryptocurrency storage. Hot wallets are connected to the internet, often through a website, app, or plug-in extension. This is how crypto exchanges operate. Similar to banks, users have access to not only their funds, but are able to buy, sell, and trade in the same place. Cold storage, on the other hand, comprises methods of safekeeping not connected to the internet, like wallets in the form of external devices such as USB sticks.

Source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnCZDAcvSdY

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How and Where to Buy Realfinance Network (REFI)?

Realfinance Network is now live on the Binance mainnet. The token address for REFI is 0x641a6dc991a49f7be9fe3c72c5d0fbb223edb12f. Be cautious not to purchase any other token with a smart contract different from this one (as this can be easily faked). We strongly advise to be vigilant and stay safe throughout the launch. Don’t let the excitement get the best of you.

You will have to first buy one of the major cryptocurrencies, usually either Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Binance (BNB)…

We will use Binance Exchange here as it is one of the largest crypto exchanges that accept fiat deposits.

Once you finished the KYC process. You will be asked to add a payment method. Here you can either choose to provide a credit/debit card or use a bank transfer, and buy one of the major cryptocurrencies, usually either Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Binance (BNB)…


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You need a wallet address to Connect to Pancakeswap Decentralized Exchange, we use Metamask wallet

If you don’t have a Metamask wallet, read this article and follow the steps

What is Metamask wallet | How to Create a wallet and Use

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Connect Metamask wallet to Pancakeswap Decentralized Exchange and Buy REFI token

Contract: 0x641a6dc991a49f7be9fe3c72c5d0fbb223edb12f

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Apart from the exchange(s) above, there are a few popular crypto exchanges where they have decent daily trading volumes and a huge user base. This will ensure you will be able to sell your coins at any time and the fees will usually be lower. It is suggested that you also register on these exchanges since once REFI gets listed there it will attract a large amount of trading volumes from the users there, that means you will be having some great trading opportunities!

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What is Realfinance Network (REFI) | What is Realfinance Network token | What is REFI token
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