Build and Secure a REST API with Spring Boot and Spring Security. Deploy it using Docker.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. My goal is to make you a full stack software engineer so that you can "get arrays". Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Intro 0:00
Creating Spring Boot App 2:21
Architecture Overview 4:02
Domain Model 13:58
Service Interface 17:49
In Memory Repository 21:00
In Memory Service Implementation 29:24
Employee Resource 33:40
Testing Endpoints 45:52
JPA Repository 51:03
JPA Repository Implementation 55:42
Database Configuration 59:00
Security Overview 1:09:00
Web Security Configuration 1:13:15
Account Domain Model 1:20:32
Account Repository 1:28:43
Account Service Implementation 1:31:56
Security Configuration 1:37:30
User Details Implementation 1:39:18
Authentication Provider 1:45:24
Account Resource 1:50:46
Application Runner 1:54:48
Smoke Tests  2:18:47
Refactoring 2:05:50
Docker File 2:20:21
Docker Compose Part 1 2:30:37
Docker Compose Part 2 2:37:31
Deployment 2:43:40
Role Based Access 5:54:58

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Build a REST API with Spring Boot, Spring Security, and Docker
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