Learn how to create a responsive side navigation menu using HTML and CSS. This tutorial is perfect for beginners and will show you how to create a simple yet effective sidebar menu that will make your website or application more user-friendly.

In today's video, I have created a Side Navigation Bar in HTML CSS, and JavaScript.
I hope you will like this Dashboard Sidebar Menu Design…

00:00 Intro    
00:37 Creating our Boilerplate    
02:05 HTML - Creating Main Div and Menu list using EMMET    
04:01 HTML - Nav_Expand Element (Icon)    
04:34 CSS -  Importing Fonts from Google Fonts    
05:10 CSS - CSS Reset (Same Page Across Different Browsers)    
05:34 CSS - Styling the Body Tag    
06:08 CSS - Styling the Main Div Nav    
06:46 CSS - Applying Some Style to the Expandable Icons    
08:49 CSS - Still on our Button Increase its Size and Apply Hover Effect    
09:33 CSS - Creating our NavList from our LIs    
11:49 CSS - Set Some CSS Rules to A tags    
13:08 CSS - Creating Active State for the Menus    
14:33 CSS - Creating the Closed State Class    
15:17 JS - Getting Reference to the DOM Elements    
16:19 JS - Add EventListener to the Icon 

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Create a Responsive Side Navigation Menu with HTML & CSS
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