TQUIC: A High-performance, Lightweight and Cross-platform QUIC Library


TQUIC is a high-performance, lightweight, and cross-platform library for the IETF QUIC protocol.


High performance: TQUIC is designed for high performance and low latency. Relevant details can be found in the benchmark result.

Pluggable congestion control: TQUIC supports various congestion control algorithms, including CUBIC, BBR, BBRv3, and COPA.

Multipath QUIC: TQUIC supports Multipath to enable the simultaneous usage of multiple paths for a single connection.

Easy to Use: TQUIC is easy to use. It supports flexible settings and detailed observability.

Cross platform: TQUIC runs on almost anything to which Rust compiles. It provides APIs for Rust/C/C++.

Powered by Rust: TQUIC is written in a memory safety language and immune to Buffer Overflow vulnerability and other memory-related bugs.

High quality: Extensive automated testing, including unit testing, fuzz testing, integration testing, performance benchmarking, interoperability testing, and more.

Protocol Compliance: TQUIC has been verified by formal specification using the Ivy tool. It has also passed IETF interoperability tests.

Rich features: TQUIC supports all big features conforming with QUIC, HTTP/3 RFCs.

Getting Started

Running the tests



  • Please create an issue in issue list.
  • Contact Committers/Owners for further discussion if needed.
  • See the CONTRIBUTING file for details.



TQUIC is under the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for details.

Download details:

Author: Tencent
Source: https://github.com/Tencent/tquic

License: View license


TQUIC: A High-performance, Lightweight and Cross-platform QUIC Library
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