In this video, we will cover everything you need to know to get started with Azure DevOps, a powerful DevOps platform from Microsoft. We will start by discussing what DevOps is and how it can be used. Then, we will walk you through the process of setting up Azure DevOps, creating pipelines, and deploying code. We will also show you how to monitor your deployments and troubleshoot problems.

By the end of this video, you will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of DevOps
  • Set up Azure DevOps
  • Create pipelines
  • Deploy code
  • Monitor deployments
  • Troubleshoot problems

This video is perfect for anyone who wants to learn DevOps with Azure DevOps from scratch.

In this video we will learn basics of Azure DevOps in 2 hours

00:00 Introduction
01:49 Chapter 1:-  Opening Azure Devops account and creating project.
05:46 Chapter 2:-  Devops Fundamentals and EIGHT structure life cycle of Devops.
14:22 Chapter 3:-  Accessing Azure devops project from Azure portal.
16:01 Chapter 4:-  Understanding Organization, Project structure.
16:54 Chapter 5:-  Understanding Private and Public project.
17:58 Chapter 6:-  Mapping Boards, Repos, Pipelines, Testplan & Artifacts with Devops life cycle.
22:56 Chapter 7:-  Revising the five important elements of Azure devops.
23:52 Chapter 8:-  Step 1 The planning phase :- Understanding Boards and work items.
26:02 Chapter 9:-  Step 2 Execution :- Checking Simple MVC project code, Cloning, Commit, Synch in Azure repos.
37:21 Chapter 10:- Revising Azure devops life cycle using the 5 important elements.
40:55 Chapter 11:- Flattening the Azure devops life cycle diagram.
42:34 Chapter 12:- Defining  and Understanding Agents in Azure Devops.
43:31 Chapter 13:- Using project settings to configure agents.
44:15 Chapter 14:- Hosted Agents  and Local agents(Self hosted agents).
45:16 Chapter 15:- Step 3 Build :- Creating pipeline and Running the pipeline.
46:29 Chapter 16:- YAML file and versioning in Azure repos.
47:35 Chapter 17:- Understanding the "No hosted Parallelism Error" in Azure Devops.
50:37 Chapter 18:- Understanding Self hosted agent and  Agent pools.
52:17 Chapter 19:- Running, Downloading, Extracting agents, Running Config & Entering PAT.
1:03:46 Chapter 20:- Assigning Self hosted agents in YAML Pipeline.
1:06:10 Chapter 21:- Running YAML pipeline with Self hosted agents.
1:11:05 Chapter 22:- Definition and Acronym of YAML.
1:13:48 Chapter 23:- YAML basics name/value, space indented, Nested objects & Hyphens.
1:19:12 Chapter 24:- Understanding Azure Devops YAML structure(Steps and Tasks).
1:25:03 Chapter 25:- Practicing Pipeline UI:- Recent, All, Runs, Editing and seeing details.
1:32:28 Chapter 26:- Updating YAML with publish task.
1:36:15 Chapter 27:- Step 4 :- Running the pipeline and checking the artifact
1:38:40 Chapter 28:- Drop folder, Extracting artifact, viewing the compiled binaries.
Chapter 29:- Doing a Manual Review(Installing IIS and publishing the ASP.NET app)
Chapter 30:- Understanding Deployment groups.
Chapter 31:- Agent pools vs Deployment groups vs Individual agents.
Chapter 32:- Creating a deployment groups using powershell scripts.
Chapter 33:- Creating release pipelines.
Chapter 34:- Step 5 :- Running the release pipeline.
Chapter 35:- Revising the complete Azure devops cycle.

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Azure DevOps tutorial: Learn DevOps step by step
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