Bridge Rust & TypeScript for Apollo Federation

This repository is responsible for all of the deno-powered TypeScript <--> Rust interop. Currently this includes composition and query planning.

Branch Strategy

This repository has one long-running branch, main. The federation repository itself maintains two separate branches, version-0.x for Federation 1 and main for Federation 2.


You'll notice that there are three cargo workspaces in this repository. The first is the root which contains xtask and apollo-federation-types. The others are federation-1 and federation-2. Each of these workspace directories contains some binaries and some libraries. Building specific packages is orchestrated by xtask in CI.

IMPORTANT: If you are working locally, changes made to federation-1 and federation-2 WILL NOT be picked up by rust-analyzer or your cargo build/cargo test commands. There are a few tools to help you out here.

  1. You can run code federation-rs.code-workspace to open a VS Code Workspace that will run Rust-Analyzer properly.
  2. You can run cargo xtask test from the root workspace directory to run tests across all workspaces
  3. You can open a new VS Code window for federation-1 and/or federation-2 and rust-analyzer will work as expected. There might be some way to get something to work with rust-analyzer.linkedProjects but it wouldn't be straightforward and opening a new VS Code window is easy enough.

federation-rs Crates

Each crate listed here has their own README with much more information than what's here.


The harmonizer crate is a library that provides the federation composition algorithm to the rest of Apollo's Rust ecosystem.


The supergraph crate is a binary that provides the federation composition algorithm as a CLI, primarily for integration with rover.


The apollo-federation-types crate provides types for all versions of harmonizer and supergraph, and is used by Rover to read the output from the supergraph binary.


The router-bridge crate is a library that provides the federation query-planning algorithm, primarily for integration with the router

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Bridge Rust & TypeScript for Apollo Federation
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