In this video, we will give you a comprehensive introduction to AWS for beginners. We will cover everything from what AWS is to how to use its most popular services. We will also show you how to set up your first AWS account and deploy your first application.

The video also includes a Q&A session, where we answer questions about AWS in general and the video content specifically.

Intimidated by AWS?  Don't be.  This video will give you an introduction to AWS and how to effectively use it and learn it.


0:00 Intro
1:55 Prerequisites
3:28 What we'll learn
5:57 AWS from 10,000 feet
13:38 Accounts, IAM, logging in to Console
20:24 Console vs. programmatic users
34:18 Common AWS services you need to be aware of
43:50 5 ways to create / update / delete AWS services
53:16 Creating a static website with S3 in the Console
1:06:42 What is Cloudformation? (IMPORTANT!!)
1:37:58 Billing Alerts and Cost Explorer

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AWS for Beginners: A Must-Watch
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