Gofigure: Go Configuration Made Easy!


Go configuration made easy!

  • Just define a struct and call Gofigure
  • Supports strings, ints/uints/floats, slices and nested structs
  • Supports environment variables and command line flags

Requires Go 1.2+ because of differences in Go's flag package.


go get github.com/ian-kent/gofigure

package main

import "github.com/ian-kent/gofigure"

type config struct {
  gofigure interface{} `envPrefix:"BAR" order:"flag,env"`
  RemoteAddr string `env:"REMOTE_ADDR" flag:"remote-addr" flagDesc:"Remote address"`
  LocalAddr  string `env:"LOCAL_ADDR" flag:"local-addr" flagDesc:"Local address"`
  NumCPU int `env:"NUM_CPU" flag:"num-cpu" flagDesc:"Number of CPUs"`
  Sources []string `env:"SOURCES" flag:"source" flagDesc:"Source URL (can be provided multiple times)"`
  Numbers []int `env:"NUMBERS" flag:"number" flagDesc:"Number (can be provided multiple times)"`
  Advanced struct{
      MaxBytes int64 `env:"MAX_BYTES" flag:"max-bytes" flagDesc:"Max bytes"`
      MaxErrors int64  `env:"MAX_ERRORS" flag:"max-errors" flagDesc:"Max errors"`

func main() {
  var cfg config
  err := gofigure.Gofigure(&cfg)
  if err != nil {
  // use cfg

gofigure field

The gofigure field is used to configure Gofigure.

The order tag is used to set configuration source order, e.g. environment variables first then command line options second.

Any field matching camelCase format will be parsed into camel and case, and passed to the source matching camel.

For example, the envPrefix field is split into env and prefix, and the tag value is passed to the environment variable source as the prefix parameter.

Arrays and environment variables

Array support for environment variables is currently experimental.

To enable it, set GOFIGURE_ENV_ARRAY=1.

When enabled, the environment variable is split on commas, e.g.

struct {
    EnvArray []string `env:"MY_ENV_VAR"`


EnvArray = []string{"a", "b", "c"}

Download Details:

Author: ian-kent
Source Code: https://github.com/ian-kent/gofigure 
License: MIT license

#go #golang 

Gofigure: Go Configuration Made Easy!
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