These Midjourney Prompts help you to discover unique Midjourney Art styles to greatly improve your Ai Art!  Simple add these phrases to your prompts to start.

Topaz AI Upscale your Images & AI Art for higher resolution (tutorial):  • UPSCALE AI ART 6x...  

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The following are the tools I use and highly recommend. Some of these are affiliate links I earn a commission from, but this is what I use and swear by!


Topaz Photo AI Full Suite:

Gigapixel Upscaler:…


Did I talk too fast? This can be confusing, check out this slower paced, detailed course for beginners. At time of adding this link there was a hefty discount:

80%-off Beginner A.I. Art Course:

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Top 10 Unique Midjourney ART STYLES - Midjourney Tutorial
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