In this Excel course we will learn how to create an Excel dashboard for schools with dynamically changing student images.

0:00, Dashboard Features & contents Overview 
1:25, workbook contents
1:50, 1st Dashboard background
2:27, 2nd Dashboard background
3:43, Left side buttons
5:47, Values & charts background
7:05, Main title and KPIs
10:06, Side menu background image
11:21, Students per educational stage column chart
16:12, Activities and Events
17:48, Events report
18,44, Re-locate side buttons & Hyperlinks
20:15, Teacher Dashboard
20:26, Design teacher photos
21:53, Timeline slicer
22:42, Days slicer
23:15, Changing images & values dynamically
35:30, Protect the dashboard

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Excel Dashboard for Schools with Changing Students Images Dynamically
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