Rsnake: Classic Snake Game Implemented in Rust

rsnake - An implementation of classic snake in rust

This game was built using the piston_window window wrapper.

Download the game

If youre using mac-osx or windows you can either download this game as executeable here - otherwise you can build it locally with cargo.

# run the game
cargo run

# build a binary & execute it
cargo build --release


  • W/A/S/D or Up/Left/Down/Right - Controll snake direction.
  • R - Restart the game.
  • ESC - Quit the game.

Known Flaws / ToDo List

  • R has no effect yet.
  • There should be an endscreen with restart / quit buttons.
  • The fruit and snake could possibly spawn at the same coordinate / fruits can spawn inside the tail of the snake.

Download details:

Author:  mara214

License:  MIT license


Rsnake: Classic Snake Game Implemented in Rust
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