Pearl: Python Library for Reinforcement Learning


A Production-ready Reinforcement Learning AI Agent Library

Proudly brought by Applied Reinforcement Learning @ Meta

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The Pearl paper is available at Arxiv.

Our NeurIPS 2023 Presentation Slides is released here.


Pearl is a new production-ready Reinforcement Learning AI agent library open-sourced by the Applied Reinforcement Learning team at Meta. Furthering our efforts on open AI innovation, Pearl enables researchers and practitioners to develop Reinforcement Learning AI agents. These AI agents prioritize cumulative long-term feedback over immediate feedback and can adapt to environments with limited observability, sparse feedback, and high stochasticity. We hope that Pearl offers the community a means to build state-of-the-art Reinforcement Learning AI agents that can adapt to a wide range of complex production environments.

Getting Started


To install Pearl, you can simply clone this repository and run pip install -e . (you need pip version ≥ 21.3 and setuptools version ≥ 64):

git clone
cd Pearl
pip install -e .

Quick Start

To kick off a Pearl agent with a classic reinforcement learning environment, here's a quick example.

from pearl.pearl_agent import PearlAgent
from pearl.action_representation_modules.one_hot_action_representation_module import (
from pearl.policy_learners.sequential_decision_making.deep_q_learning import (
from pearl.replay_buffers.sequential_decision_making.fifo_off_policy_replay_buffer import (
from pearl.utils.instantiations.environments.gym_environment import GymEnvironment

env = GymEnvironment("CartPole-v1")

num_actions = env.action_space.n
agent = PearlAgent(
        hidden_dims=[64, 64],

observation, action_space = env.reset()
agent.reset(observation, action_space)
done = False
while not done:
    action = agent.act(exploit=False)
    action_result = env.step(action)
    done = action_result.done

Users can replace the environment with any real-world problems.


More tutorials coming in 2024.

Design and Features

altPearl was built with a modular design so that industry practitioners or academic researchers can select any subset and flexibly combine features below to construct a Pearl agent customized for their specific use cases. Pearl offers a diverse set of unique features for production environments, including dynamic action spaces, offline learning, intelligent neural exploration, safe decision making, history summarization, and data augmentation.

You can find many Pearl agent candidates with mix-and-match set of reinforcement learning features in utils/scripts/

Adoption in Real-world Applications

Pearl is in progress supporting real-world applications, including recommender systems, auction bidding systems and creative selection. Each of them requires a subset of features offered by Pearl. To visualize the subset of features used by each of the applications above, see the table below.

Pearl FeaturesRecommender SystemsAuction BiddingCreative Selection
Policy Learning
Intelligent Exploration
History Summarization  
Replay Buffer
Contextual Bandit  
Offline RL 
Dynamic Action Space 
Large-scale Neural Network  

Comparison to Other Libraries

Pearl FeaturesPearlReAgent (Superseded by Pearl)RLLibSB3TianshouDopamine
Agent Modularity
Dynamic Action Space
Offline RL
Intelligent Exploration⚪ (limited support)
Contextual Bandit⚪ (only linear support)
Safe Decision Making
History Summarization⚪ (requires modifying environment state)
Data Augmented Replay Buffer

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Pearl: Python Library for Reinforcement Learning
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