From the very beginning, the question of what programming language is best for your business is a critically important decision. Everyone in business today has own preferences, ideas, and requirements when it comes to programming languages. Different options are there to choose from like Python, Go language, JavaScript, C++, PHP being just a few to list here.

If you need convincing advice on which one is the best programming language for your startup. You’re at the right place. I’ll give you the best advice on Go vs Python. Also, I’ll list some of the examples of businesses already using Python and Go language to gain a competitive edge in their respective domains. For more help on Go and Python development, you can get in touch with the industry experts to solve all your queries related to development and tech issues.

So, let’s begin with Go vs Python

Python Stats & Performance

Python web development industry is growing in an incredibly fast way.

Let’s see some recent Python stats:

Python is among the six most-used programming languages and also at No. 1 in the annual IEEE Spectrum ranking.

Python trend is on the rise with +5.2% of the increase in usage stats.

Go vs Python

What Makes Python Outstanding?

The answer is Python’s amazing list of libraries.

Go vs Python

Its amazing list of libraries like NumPy, Keras, Scikit-learn, Pandas, Tensorflow, and SciPy that help save your time and also cut down on the cost of the initial development cycle.

For startups, Python is incredibly easy to use and apply to work. That’s why it becomes one of the most easily accessible programming languages of the year 2019. Python is being extensively used in the web and software development landscape, its syntax is easy to understand hence it’s an easy language for the startup firms. Hire IT outsourcing developers to build interactive mobile apps and software programs in Python.

When it comes to Go vs Python, then Python is the best choice for building analytics tools and datasets. Python is an extremely important language to add to your business.

Go Language Stats & Performance

Let’s come to the second part of Go vs Python. It’s about Google’s Go language that is making strong gains in the business community because of its lightweight structure. It is an open-source language that is best suited for today’s microservice software architectures.

See an example….Suppose you run an e-commerce store that takes orders from customers, verifies inventory, and ships them. Here, each microservice is relatively small and if you have a website built on Go language, then you can expect improved maintainability for relatively small services, an improved form of testability, and better deployability of the application.

Important Stats:

According to a report published on GitHub, Go is the fastest growing language of the year 2019.

Golang web development industry has grown almost 7% overall with a 1.5% change from the previous Quarter.

Go vs Python

Go vs Python — What Makes Go Language Popular?

It’s a Cloud-native language that is being applied to the leading development projects based on the Ethereum and Docker.

Go is a cross-platform language that allows you to use the operating system of your choice when compiling the code. Golang is fairly easy to install and have superior debugging quality helping it gain popularity over other languages.

You can easily build production-level software of your choice including a range of use cases from the popular web APIs to encryption software.

Go vs Python — Capabilities for Business

Now, you will see some of the popular use cases of Go and Python in the business industry.

Although Go vs Python is a trending topic among the business community, both the programming languages are not only good for creating web applications but both help in automating tasks related to your business.

See some examples:

Why Python Is Popular Among Businesses?

The application of Python in your business can be many. Possibilities are endless, narrowing down your needs is the best solution what you can do in your business.

Here is an overview:

You can use Python to create an interactive user case on your business website or on your mobile app.

If it’s about Go vs Python, then again Python is easy to read and also works as easily accessible source code for your business website. It’s a fairly good language for your business requirements related to data science, machine learning development, data analysis, and visualization.

So, Why do Experts Recommend Python For Business?

Go vs Python

Python is, in many ways, the choice of today’s business. It’s getting extremely popular among the business community for many good reasons that I’ve already mentioned above.

Needless to say, Python versatility makes it able to handle all types of future challenges.

Many of today’s successful enterprises using Python for their work.

Let’s take a look at famous brands using Python

Go vs Python


Instagram’s engineering team said that — “Python is user-friendly and also helped them to handle the massive amount of traffic in a simple and easy manner.”


Facebook has built a non-blocking web server framework on Python to handle thousands of simultaneous FB connections in real-time.


Google has been using Python since the very beginning. The developers’ team of Google made the decision of Python for its ease of maintenance and relatively fast delivery of output.

Python has helped several businesses to improve their existing enterprise applications backed by several success stories.

Continuing to the topic Go vs Python, I have some more info to share on the capabilities of Go for your business.

Golang Benefits For Your Business

Go vs Python

Go is becoming popular among the enterprises and developers community because of its simplicity, advanced compilation capabilities, modern concurrency, channels, and a strong ecosystem.

Go is the language of future technologies like AI and cloud computing. It is gaining popularity among businesses that want to have their web applications and business websites developed in less time and with minimal expenses.

Go is fast and is also not limited to a compiled language. It links all of its libraries into one binary file and allows mobile app developers to become more productive and really fast.

The reason why many businesses adopt Go is its cross-platform support and built-in concurrency, which enables you to carry out multiple processes at the same time.

Looking to hire Golang web developers? Simply search on the web and look for the Golang web development companies or IT outsourcing companies to hire Golang web programmers for support on your ongoing project.

Some of the Popular Use Cases for Golang in Business

Go vs Python


Uber’s GeoFence lookups and Geobase services are written in Golang. Both services turned out to be Uber’s best QPS (Queries Per Second) service as per the current market review.


Medium is one of the popular most content publishing platforms entirely based on Golang. Their image processing, backend services, and Neo4j database all are managed by a service written in Go language.


BBC Worldwide also using Go since 2012 for creating different mobile games and backend systems. They have built crawlers for Social media using Go lang and also successfully created different web services using Go lang.

So, as you can see, Go is also catching up in the attention of enterprises as the Python has garnered over the years.

So, which language is better for your development project? Go or Python, well it’s not an easy decision to make. Our observation is, Golang has already made its space in the web development industry by offering a plethora of advantages of cross-platform development, supporting the multiple platforms, etc.

And, if you’re looking that one versatile platform to build your next business app, Python surely one of the best options available that provide you the high-quality end result with its quick prototyping and adaptable solutions for any of your business need.

Go vs Python: Some More Info

Okay, so now I have given you details of these two languages, let’s get down to comparing them in more detail.

I am going to talk about the performance of both languages. I have been using and practicing with various tools and languages like python, go, javascript, Java, C, C++ and tools like Docker, codepipeline, codebuild, etc.

So, I have good knowledge of the usual programming concepts. Just been looking at Python today in 2019, it reminds me of a bit of Java in some parts of programming like simple syntax and ease of use.

Python for developers

Python is becoming extremely relevant for developers considering the way business owners are looking for AI, ML, and data analytics software applications. For all the algorithm based development, Python is catching developers attention and has become the most popular and preferred the most language of the current generation programmers and coders.

Go for developers

Golang, on the other hand, is used in cloud computing and the field of cluster computing due to its support for concurrency. Golang has also received a lot of appreciation in the field of web development because of its powerful list of libraries that allow you to set up a web server in few seconds only.

Go vs Python For App Development

Python is becoming popular among many data scientists because of the collection of libraries designed for numerical analysis of data.

For example, you can use NumPy and SciPy to deal with complex numerical applications. Pandas is best to use for data analysis in the science and engineering sector. Python’s PyKyra and PyGame are frameworks for 3D game development.

Golang is a modern programming language that works well in the computing environment which is also important for firms looking to develop their next business web application.

Python is also being employed in developing ERP tools like Odoo that is helping businesses and organizations in managing CMS, BI engine, etc. Odoo includes more than 30 main applications, provide an open source CMS, and a business intelligence engine.

Moreover, Python is a lightweight software that takes care of everything in your business from business management to data analytics, etc.

Whereas Go is such a fantastic open-source language that make you feel like you are working in a fast interpreted language like Ruby. Go is safe to use and you can create very reliable apps and software with Go language.

Go is “one of the best ways of doing things. And, Python development has garnered software development industry over years, Go is also catching up that pace too.

I see a great future for both programming languages Go and Python. Although there is no clear cut choice to suit both front-end & back-end development needs, you can go for Go or Python to stand out among others in the development sphere.

Conclusion — Go vs Python

So, do you agree with my points? If you agree or don’t agree, share your views in the comment section below. Hope the comparison made here has helped you gain some insight on Go vs Python and which one is the best to go for creating your business application.

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Go vs Python: The Best For Your Business
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