Unlock Azure Skills with 8+ Free Training Resources

There are nine free Azure training resources available.

If you want to brush up on your Microsoft Azure skills, consider a cloud computing career, or demonstrate value to a prospective employer, there’s never been a better moment than now to take advantage of a few free Azure training tools.

Whether you’re new to Azure or a seasoned master, there’s always something new to learn. Microsoft has been providing an increasing number of free online resources for all learning routes, expertise levels, and learning types to assist you in doing just that, and there’s also a third-party ecosystem created around it. We can put together a selection of our top Microsoft Azure training resources for free:

1. Microsoft Azure’s In-House Training

Microsoft itself is the most apparent source of free Azure training. Microsoft does an excellent job of delivering a wealth of free educational resources, including virtual classes, hands-on training, and documentation, for users of all skill levels:

Microsoft Learn Courses cover Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks, PaaS, automation and management, cloud migration, and more.

With an Azure free account, you can get hands-on and learn on the move. Signing up is free, and you’ll get a $200 credit after the first 30 days. That’s a month of “testing and deploying enterprise apps, creating custom mobile experiences, and gaining insight from your data” at no cost. You will get a free yearly subscription to some popular services.

Microsoft Learn for Azure is an excellent resource for learning about Azure and honing your Azure abilities.

Microsoft Azure Documentation is available for folks who appreciate light reading. Quickstarts, samples, and tutorials will help you get started.

2. YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe

Videos can make the difference for visual learners who prefer to watch the procedures required to deploy a specific application or how a new feature works. The following are some of the popular Azure free training channels:

Demos, technical insights, and training videos are available via Microsoft Azure (173K subscribers).

The Cloud Ranger Network (24.7K subscribers) goes along with a popular blog on all things Microsoft Azure, making it a terrific resource for video and text-based learning.

Azure DevOps (21.8K subscribers) is a fantastic niche channel for developers interested in using Azure’s developer offerings.

GitHub is number three.

Check out these fantastic GitHub collections if you want to go beyond videos and get your hands dirty. Check up both the official and unofficial Azure GitHub repositories to learn more about Azure. It will assist you in saving a significant amount of time and effort.

Blogs are number four.

If you know where to look, then you can find new insights, ideas, and the latest on all things cloud computing from bloggers. Along with the previously mentioned YouTube channel, CloudRanger.net dedicates to Microsoft Azure. Of course, Microsoft has its Azure blog. On the other hand, Cloud Academy is a more well-rounded site with more articles on AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

Udemy is the fifth option.

Udemy has several free Azure-related courses. These offerings include everything from basic overviews to service-specific summaries, as well as certification preparation.

Pluralsight is the sixth point.

Pluralsight is a Microsoft partner that offers a vast number of free Azure courses. Pluralsight provides more than 200 courses, 40 Skill IQs, and 8 Role IQs, designed to help students prepare for specific Azure certification tests.

EDx is number seven.

EDx is a vast online education provider founded by Harvard University and MIT. Take advantage of free online university-level courses to get started on your path to professional certification. Databases, security, Cosmos DB, and other Azure issues cover in this course.

8. Use of Social Media

Subscribing to Microsoft Azure’s social media channels, Microsoft Azure Facebook, and Microsoft Azure Twitter is a terrific (and free) way to stay up to date on the latest from the company.

9. Get-togethers

Even though many meetups become virtually, they are still a fantastic opportunity to engage your local community. Tech meetings typically feature speeches given by members of the organization and other professionals. With small groups, there are more possibilities to ask questions, request specific subjects, and generally have a more personalized experience than mass-produced internet information. Search meetup.com for Azure, Cloud, or Microsoft to discover what’s available near you (or further afield, given they’re currently virtual).

Take Advantage of These Azure Training Resources That Are Free

Cloud-based application development is exploding, and having Azure skills and experience may help you reach various objectives — free Azure online training is plentiful and lucrative. We chose our top 9 resources based on their dependability, quality, and breadth of content. These materials help get you started with Azure, whether you’re new to it or a seasoned pro.

Unlock Azure Skills with 8+ Free Training Resources
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