Learn how to create a JavaScript autocomplete dropdown in this step-by-step tutorial. We'll cover everything from setting up the dropdown to making it work with data.

In a high performing user friendly website, we use the autocomplete feature to give the user the ability to search on a list fast, we often tend to use some libraries but in this video we will see how easy it is to build your own autocomplete input box from scratch using HTML, CSS and Javascript, so stay tuned right till the end.

Autocomplete can be a useful feature in websites where the users have a form to fill and there is a dropdown with a huge list to select from.

Scrolling on the list and finding the correct selection can be a painful task, so  for user's ease, we should add an autocomplete form or an autocomplete dropdown where the user can autocomplete on the input text box and the filtered results are shown in the dropdown below.

That makes a good user experience too.

We will fetch data using the Fetch API in javascript and will map the results into a variable and we will use this data to populate the list.

Then will will introduce the Autocomplete search functionality such that when user types into the input text box, the user is shown a filtered data of result or an autocompleted data.

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How to create a JavaScript autocomplete dropdown
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