PDF to Excel Conversion with Java App

PDF to Excel Converter

Convert pdf to excel. Only the text will be extracted.

1. Using java application

You can use the java application (in org/eadge/extractpdfexcel/0.1 directory) to convert one pdf file into excel format.

java -jar extractpdfexcel-0.1.jar source.pdf result.xcl

To specify some options, you can consult the help. You may want to specify column and row width.

java -jar extractpdfexcel-0.1.jar

2. Convert using java

2.1 Import in your java project with Maven

Add the repository:


And the dependency:


2.2 One step conversion

You can convert your pdf into an Excel file in java application.

PdfConverter.createExcelFile("File.pdf", "File.xcl");

2.3 Four steps conversion

You can also execute each steps, in case you would like to access to data before creating the file.

2.3.1 Extract Data

Text information is extracted in keeps in blocks.

ExtractedData extractedData = PdfConverter.extractFromFile(sourcePDFPath, textBlockIdentifier);

2.3.2 Sort Data

Blocks are sorted, lines and columns are created.

SortedData sortedData = PdfConverter.sortExtractedData(extractedData, lineAxis, columnAxis, true);

2.3.3 Create XCL Pages

2D array containing text blocks are created.

ArrayList<XclPage> excelPages = PdfConverter.createExcelPages(sortedData);

2.3.4 Create sheets

Using POI Library, you can create xcl sheets.

HSSFSheet excelSheet = PdfConverter.createExcelSheet("sheetName", workbook, excelPage);

2.4 Visualize XCLPage

You can also visualize all the created excel sheets.


Download Details:

Author: eadgyo 

Official Github: https://github.com/eadgyo/Extract-PDF-Excel 

License: GPL-3.0 license


PDF to Excel Conversion with Java App
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