Learn how to implement JWT-based authorization in ASP.NET Core REST APIs using roles, claims, and policies. In this step-by-step guide, we'll cover everything from generating and validating JWT tokens to implementing granular access control. We'll also discuss some best practices for using JWT authorization and common mistakes to avoid.

So what we will cover today:  

00:20 Agenda
00:54 Authentication vs Authorisation
02:50 What is Authentication
03:42 What is Authorisation
05:44 Authorisation Type
06:13 Role Base
09:14 Claims Base
14:30 Policy
18:16 Ingredients
18:42 Code and Implementations
18:56 Setting up the project
20:42 Code: Setting up Roles
1:22:00 Code: Setting up Claims

DotNet SDK:

Visual Studio Code:

Insomnia API

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ASP.NET Core REST API Authorization with JWT: A Comprehensive Guide
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