Hello friends πŸ‘‹. I hope you all are doing great and had a productive week learning something new. Today, we will discuss Git and a few usages, practices that you should avoid making your development experience a better one.

What is Git, and How does it work?

Git is an open-source version control system(VCS) that helps all project contributors to keep their project artifacts(folder, files, source code, and many more) in sync. It provides a workflow that is easy to understand, learn, and use in practice. If you are a beginner to Git or have any difficulties with its usages, here is an in-depth, hands-on video tutorial for you. Please have a look.



Suppose you like the content, please feel free to subscribe to the channel. Thanks a lot πŸ™. Let us now see ten usages & practices that you should avoid.

10 Git Usages You Should Know to Avoid

Git is a highly flexible tool. When you know to handle Git Commands, you feel superior about managing things. At the same time, if you are unsure about specific usages or mismanaging them, you may end up losing changes, making yourself & the team frustrated. Here are ten usages we should stop or avoid.

The master is special

Keep application secrets a secret

Git is not your file storage

Together we strong, but not always

Do not force

History is important

Don't ignore to ignore

Resetting is probably the last solution

Don't make it bulky

The past is past












How NOT to use Git in Practice. Ten Git usages, you should know to avoid.
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