In this comprehensive tutorial, we'll provide a full introduction to Rust web development using Warp, a powerful filter-based web framework. Through practical examples and demonstrations, we'll cover the key concepts and features of Warp, including routing, filters, middleware, error handling, and more. By following along with the examples, you'll gain a solid understanding of how to build robust and efficient web applications using Warp in Rust. Let's dive into the world of Rust web development with Warp!

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00:00 - Intro
00:27 - Setup
00:59 - Hello World Filter
02:10 - VS Code Rest Client
03:52 - HI Api (first path)
07:55 - Static File Serving
11:33 - Rest API - Todo List
14:02 - Async Closure
15:26 - Async Filter Function
16:04 - JSON Result
17:34 - Todo Get API
20:43 - Todo Create API (Body Parsing)
23:16 - Custom Filter (Request Authentication)
27:45 - Request/Filter Exception Handling
29:01 - Extract Request Data (e.g., User Context)
32:31 - Global Resource Injection
35:30 - Don't forget

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Introduction to Rust Web Development with Warp (By Example)
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