Want to learn how to build and deploy a complete responsive website using HTML and CSS? In this step-by-step tutorial, we'll teach you everything you need to know, from the basics of HTML and CSS to more advanced topics like responsive design and deployment. By the end of this tutorial, you'll be able to build and deploy your own responsive website that looks great on all devices.

In this HTML and CSS Course you will learn the basic skills that every beginner web developer needs,  HTML & CSS programing language.

Learn Web Development by creating your own Blog Website & Publishing / Deploying it on the internet using GitHub, making it accessible to the hole world.

What You Will Learn:

In this HTML and CSS Course, I will take you from a complete beginner, with 0 experience in creating websites, to a confident coder by teaching you two of the core pillars skills of web development, that is the HTML and CSS programing language.

Why You Should Take This Class

I have decided to have a complete practical approach to this course.

You will start up with a short Environmental setup, where I will help you setup your coding environment using the most popular code editor on the market. We will also add to it my personal Extensions for coding with speed and efficiency.

I will then take you through just a basic introduction about what HTML is and how it works. And then, we will get strait in to creating your very first website.

I will slowly drag you into deeper and deeper waters , throwing CSS at you with colors, fonts, Pseudo classes and selector, showing you best practice examples, industry standards and personal tips and tricks, for animations, transitions and reflections, making websites responsive on different devices reaching from Desktop to Tablet and Mobile using Media queries, with everything culminating in publishing your very first website for everyone to visit and experience on the internet using GitHub.

But no worries, don't feel overwhelmed, I am here to help not to judge, we have all been there, I know from personal experience that all beginnings are hard,  but we all got started somewhere ! :)

Who This Class is For:

This course is for absolutely everyone who wants to expand his knowledge in the web development world and learn basic coding languages like HTML and CSS and with them build and Deploy to the internet a real life website.


Basic PC or Mac


You can find here the complete source code for this Course and the live website in the links below

00:00 - Welcome to the HTML and CSS Course
02:55 - How to Setup a Developer Environment
09:17 - What is HTML
13:01 - HTML Comments
19:28 - HTML Elements
22:35 - HTML Paragraph & Dummy Text
24:21 - HTML Horizontal Rules and Line Breaks
28:44 - HTML div Tag
30:44 - HTML Styles
35:28 - HTML Lists
38:28 - HTML Links
41:28 - HTML img Tag
47:45 - HTML Semantic Elements
50:27 - HTML header Element
51:34 - HTML nav Element
53:45 - HTML section Tag
55:43 - HTML main and article Tag
1:00:19 - HTML audio & iframe tags
1:04:26 - HTML footer Tag
1:06:26 - HTML Symbols and Icons
1:13:40 - What is CSS
1:20:07 - CSS Selectors
1:24:04 - HTML Elements ID there CSS selection
1:31:06 - HTML Elements Classes and there CSS selection
1:36:41 - CSS Colors
1:41:09 - CSS Backgrounds
1:47:51 - CSS Borders
1:53:04 - CSS Margins and Paddings
2:02:08 - CSS Selects All and General Reset
2:07:38 - Text Formatting
2:10:23 - CSS Fonts
2:16:49 - CSS Height, Width and Max-width
2:21:27 - CSS Pseudo-class
2:31:36 - Pseudo-element
2:33:26 - CSS Layout - The position Property
2:39:33 - CSS Flexbox Layout Module
2:46:39 - CSS Grid Layout Module
2:53:13 - Create Multiple  Web pages
2:57:38 - Shared Web Page Structure
2:58:40 - Navigate between web pages
3:05:41 - HTML Forms and Contact information
3:18:49 - CSS Forms and Contact information
3:27:02 - CSS Transitions
3:33:59 - CSS Image Reflection
3:37:21 - CSS 2D Transforms
3:46:53 - CSS Animations
3:50:59 - CSS Media Queries
3:59:48 - Responsive About Page
4:10:35 - Responsive Blog Page and Post
4:20:05 - Responsive Post
4:31:51 - What is GitHub and How to create a GitHub Account
4:35:07 - Create a GitHub Repository & Publish your website
4:45:01 - Conclusion for this course

GitHub Repository : https://github.com/NorbertBM/Norbert-Blog

🎱Source Code for this Video:

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Build & Deploy a Complete Responsive Website with HTML & CSS
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