Learn how to code a beautiful 404 page with noise effect using HTML and CSS! This video will show you how to create a custom error page that will impress your visitors. You'll learn how to use the noise effect to create a unique and stylish background, and how to add text and images to your page. By the end of this video, you'll be able to code a 404 page that will make your website look professional and polished.

This lesson will teach you how to add an animated TV noise effect to your website's 404 page using HTML, CSS, and CSS animations.



Introduction: 0:00

Starter Project: 0:25

Code the HTML: 2:17

SVG in HTML: 7:02

Code the CSS: 9:06

Define CSS Variables: 9:34

Radial Gradient: 11:03

Content Styles: 14:56

Link Arrow Hover Animation: 21:43

Animated TV Noise: 22:52

CSS Keyframes: 27:05

CSS Animation Property: 27:57

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404 Page with Noise Effect: Code a Beautiful Error Page with HTML/CSS
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