Rhex: Rust-Based Hexagonal Map Roguelike with ASCII Art


Contributors welcome!

Rhex is looking for contributors. See Contributing page for details.


Simple ASCII terminal hexagonal map roguelike written in Rust.

You can try the game without installing anything. Check rhex demo server instructions.

The core goal of the project:

  • ASCI/Unicode pure terminal UI first
  • hexagonal map with tactical positioning

It's also intendent to exercise and practice my Rust knowledge.

Previous iteration of this idea was/is: Rustyhex . This two project might merge into whole at some point.

Rhex is using hex2d-rs - Hexagonal grid map utillity library.


rhex v0.0.3 screenshot

Watch rhex gameplay video:



Game requires terminal with 256 colors support, and Unicode font.

git clone https://github.com/dpc/rhex.git
cd rhex
cargo run --release

Note that you must to have the ncurses library installed and linkable for ncurses-rs to work. On Linux, this should be trivial. On OS X, consider installing ncurses using Homebrew. (Note that you have to force Homebrew to link the library to /usr/local/lib: brew link --force ncurses and set that path to LIBRARY_PATH environmental variable.)


The game is playable but not feature and gameplay wise complete.

rhex is actively seeking collaborators. If you'd like to practice your Rust or/and find roguelikes interesting ping @dpc on rhex gitter channel and we can get your started.

Report problems and ideas

Download details:

Author: dpc
Source: https://github.com/dpc/rhex


Rhex: Rust-Based Hexagonal Map Roguelike with ASCII Art
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