This Edureka Azure Full Course video will help you understand and learn Azure & its services in detail. This Azure Tutorial is ideal for both beginners as well as professionals who want to master Azure services. Below are the topics covered in this Azure Tutorial For Beginners:


00:00:00 Introduction 
00:01:20 Agenda
00:02:30 Why Cloud computing?
00:05:55 What is Cloud computing?
00:07:16 What is Azure?
00:13:08 Companies using Azure
00:22:21 How to launch services in Azure?
00:48:19 Benefits of Azure Certification 
00:49:10 Types of Azure Certification 
00:59:13 How to create free azure account
01:03:24 Azure Portal 
01:18:29 Why Azure VM?
01:19:20 What is azure VM 
01:21:00 Azure VM Key Features
01:45:18 Evolution of Development and Deployment
01:55:22 What is Kubernetes
02:04:35 What is Azure Kubernetes Services?
02:10:27 USE Case:Vehicle Safety With AKS
02:29:43 What are ARM Templates?
02:42:30 Template Design
02:52:21 Demo
03:02:24 Service Audience
03:25:02 What is Azure Load Balancer?
03:57:43 What is Azure Firewall?
04:27:03 Demo
04:32:55 What is Azure Storage?
04:53:52 Components of Azure Storage 
05:11:28 Azure Import/Export Component
05:27:23 When to Use Azure Import/Export?
05:31:35 Pricing
05:41:38 What is Azure App Services?
05:48:20 App Service Plans
05:57:33 Pricing Tier
06:01:45 Types of Azure Databases
06:05:06 Azure Database Architecture
06:15:09 Azure Data factory 
06:21:51 Cosmos DB Use cases
06:32:45 What is Azure SQL?
06:39:27 What is Azure SQL Database?
06:59:34 What is Azure SQL Managed Instances?
07:05:26 Azure SQL DB vs Azure SQL MI
07:09:38 SQL Server on AZure VM 
07:22:12 Azure SQL use cases
07:23:52 What is Data Factory 
07:28:54 Data Lake vs Data Warehouse
07:54:53 Databricks
08:27:34 Azure Data Lake Storage
08:28:24 How to create Azure data lake storage
08:43:29 Various Processes in ML Life-cycle
09:11:08 What is IOT?
09:15:20 Azure IOT Components
09:26:13 What is Azure Service Bus?
09:37:07 Queues vs Topics
10:06:27 Hands-On: Push and pull messages by topics and subscription 
10:24:53 AWS vs Azure vs GCP 
10:32:26 AZ-400 Course Outline
10:38:18 Certification exam guide
10:40:49 Azure interview question

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Comprehensive 12-Hour Azure Course for Beginners
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