Web Security with Haram Tool

Haram Tool (Hacker Web Penetration Master Tool)

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Haram Tool is Software Web Penetration Testing. HaramTool


  • Intro sound.
  • Art Text Ascii
  • SQL Injection Manual(Check website vuln,comand SQL Injection manual Order By, Union Select, and Union Select(check database,database version, show table and show column))(Comingsoon all commands)
  • SQLMap
  • XSS visit: New Version Release
  • Clickjacking visit: New Version Release
  • DDOS(Comingsoon)
  • DNS Poisoning(Comingsoon)
  • Remote Code Execution(Comingsoon)


Developed by: Ananda Rauf Maududi.

Download Details:

Author: AnandaRauf

Official Github: https://github.com/AnandaRauf/Haram-Tool-Hacker-Penetration-Master- 

License: MIT

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Web Security with Haram Tool
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