GitHub is the number one platform for sharing all kinds of technologies, frameworks, libraries, and collections of all sorts. But with the sheer mass also comes the problem to find the most useful repositories. So I have decided to curate this list of ten fantastic repositories that provide great value for all software engineers. All of them have a lot of GitHub stars, underlining their relevance, popularity, and usefulness.

Some of them will help you learn new things, some will help you build cool things, and all of them will help you to become better software engineers.

1. Build Your Own X

2. Free Programming Books

3. Oh My Zsh

4. Coding Interview University

5. Gitignore: A Collection of .gitignore Templates

6. System Design Primer

7. Public APIs

8. The Art of Command Line

9. JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

10. Developer Roadmap


Top 10 Extraordinary GitHub Repos for All Developers
1.45 GEEK