UP-NPM: A Go Tool to Update NPM Packages


CLI tool written in Go to review and update your NPM dependencies, easy and fast.


  • 🔍 Easily identify the update type for each package, whether it's a patch, minor, or major update.
  • 📃 Review the release notes for each package to see "what's new" before deciding whether to update.
  • 🦘 Selectively skip updates for specific packages.
  • 🛡️ Back up your package.json file before updating, ensuring you always have a fallback option if something goes wrong.


Go where your package.json is located and run:



up-npm [flags]
-d, --devInclude dev dependencies
-f, --filter stringFilter dependencies by package name
--allow-downgradeAllows downgrading a if latest version is older than current
-h, --helpDisplay help information for up-npm
-v, --versionDisplay the version number for up-npm


# Update dependencies

# Including dev dependencies
npm-up --dev
npm-up -d

# Update only packages containing "lint"
npm-up -filter lint
npm-up -f lint

Build yourself

task buid
  • Binaries will be created in /dist folder.

Download Details:

Author: Icaruk
Source Code: https://github.com/Icaruk/up-npm 
License: MIT

#go #golang #cli #npm 

UP-NPM: A Go Tool to Update NPM Packages
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