MobileUI: Unleash JavaScript for Mobile App Development


MobileUI is a simple and easy NPM package to install UI Components for web mobile apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

MobileUI provides a rich variety of UI components specially designed for mobile apps like tabs, side menu, stack navigation and tons of other components such as lists and forms. They all have iOS and Android support, with automatic styling that will change the appearance of the app based on the platform. With MobileUI you can truly support both Android and iOS with the same source code.

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The Installation is very simple, but first you need to install Node.js

With Node.js installed, run in your terminal:

npm install mobileui -g


mobileui install [NAME_COMPONENT]Install one or more component.
mobileui install font [GOOGLE_FONT_NAME]Install font from Google Fonts repository.
mobileui install template [NAME_TEMPLATE]Install a template to your project.
mobileui previewEmulate your app in your browser and provide some mocks for plugins by Apache Cordova.


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License: MIT license

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MobileUI: Unleash JavaScript for Mobile App Development
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