Flask-SeaSurf: The Future of CSRF Protection in Flask Apps


SeaSurf is a Flask extension for preventing cross-site request forgery (CSRF).

CSRF vulnerabilities have been found in large and popular sites such as YouTube. These attacks are problematic because the mechanism they use is relatively easy to exploit. This extension attempts to aid you in securing your application from such attacks.

This extension is based on the excellent Django middleware.


Install the extension with one of the following commands:

$ easy_install flask-seasurf

or alternatively if you have pip installed:

$ pip install flask-seasurf


Using SeaSurf is fairly straightforward. Begin by importing the extension and then passing your application object back to the extension, like this:

from flask_seasurf import SeaSurf
csrf = SeaSurf(app)


The Sphinx-compiled documentation is available here: https://flask-seasurf.readthedocs.io/

Download Details:

Author: Maxcountryman
Source Code: https://github.com/maxcountryman/flask-seasurf 
License: View license

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Flask-SeaSurf: The Future of CSRF Protection in Flask Apps
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