Claude Unofficial API: Unlock the Power of AI with Ease


This is a lightweight (isomorphic, 0 dependency) JavaScript library for interacting with the Claude AI chatbot's unofficial internal API. CLI installation, API installation + usage

Psst. It can also code full projects and output valid JSON


๐Ÿ’ฌ Start new conversations

๐Ÿ“Ž Upload files

๐Ÿงช Unit tests included with 85% coverage of code and 100% pass rates!

๐ŸŒŽ Isomorphic (supposing you setup a proxy, cors make me sad)

๐Ÿ”„ Async/await ready with modern syntax

๐Ÿ’พ Get and respond to existing conversations

๐Ÿš€ Upcoming

  • CLI: Retrying responses, Reflexion implementation, prompt templates, auto conversation saving
  • API: Better error handling, automated unit tests, caching layer, searching, setActiveModel, list available models, send message directly to existing conversation, hooks for events, used tokens count (percentage/raw), token estimator, available tokens for model

๐Ÿ’ช Supports all claude models (claude-2, claude-1.3, claude-instant-100k - See --model flag)


npm install claude-ai

CLI installation

npm install -g claude-cli

Note Run claude --help or see for more info about the CLI


First, import the library:

const Claude = require('claude-ai'); 

Initialize a new Claude instance with your session key:

Note Get sessionKey from the sessionKey cookie via the Claude website.

const claude = new Claude({
  sessionKey: 'YOUR_SESSION_KEY' 

Start a conversation by calling startConversation() with a prompt message (or get existing conversations via .getConversations()):

const conversation = await claude.startConversation('Hello Claude!');

The Conversation instance exposes methods like sendMessage() to continue the chat:

await conversation.sendMessage('How are you today?');

The full code would look like:

const Claude = require('claude-ai');

const claude = new Claude({
  sessionKey: 'YOUR_SESSION_KEY'

await claude.init();

const conversation = await claude.startConversation('Hello Claude!');

await conversation.sendMessage('How are you today?');

See the documentation below for the full API reference.



The main class for interfacing with the Claude API.


const claude_instance = new Claude({
  sessionKey: string,
  proxy: string | ({endpoint, options}) => ({endpoint, options})
  • If proxy is a function it will be passed the API route to fetch as well as the fetch options which can then be manipulated before running through fetch. If you're feeling adventurous you could also just modify the claude.request functionnn (see source for more info)
  • If proxy is a string, it will simply be prepended before the API endpoint, example:


  • sessionKey - Your Claude sessionKey cookie

Methods (on an instance):

  • startConversation(prompt) - Starts a new conversation with the given prompt message
  • getConversations() - Gets recent conversations
  • clearConversations() - Clear all conversations
  • uploadFile(file) - Uploads a file


Returned by Claude.startConversation().


  • sendMessage(message, options) - Sends a followup message in the conversation
  • getInfo() - Gets the conversation (includes messages, name, created_at, update_at, etc)
  • delete() - Delete the conversation (returns fetch response)

SendMessage Options:

  • timezone - The timezone for completion
  • attachments - Array of file attachments
  • model - The Claude model to use (default: claude-2, other models that I know of include claude-1.3, and claude-instant-100k. Seems to also accept claude-1 but transform it to claude-1.3)
  • done - Callback when completed
  • progress - Progress callback


Contributions welcome! This library was created by @Explosion-Scratch on GitHub. Please submit PRs to help improve it.

Claude seems to have blocked all non-browser traffic to their internal API โ€“ Effectively rendering this project useless. If you have a fix/method to get around this please PR. Sorry โ€“ @Explosion-Scratch

Download Details:

Author: Explosion-Scratch
Source Code: 
License: Unlicense license

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Claude Unofficial API: Unlock the Power of AI with Ease
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