Orbit: Golang-Powered Spatial Computing Brilliance


Orbit is a golang server side processing framework for building server side web applications.

  • Micro-frontend: Out of the box support for React and vanilla JavaScript micro frontends.
  • Static bundling: Automatically creates static HTML files for components that don't make use of server side processing.
  • Bundling support: Orbit currently has support for the following tools:
NameExtent of support
Vanilla JavascriptFull support
Client side ReactFull support
Server side ReactExperimental


  • Go Install: To install with go install, you can use the command go install github.com/GuyARoss/orbit@latest
  • Manual Installation: To install manually, clone this repo and compile it with go build.


There are several examples that exist in the ./examples. Here is a basic one to get you up and running.

  1. Initialize the workspace directory with orbit init, then follow the prompts
  2. Create a react component
// /pages/hello-world.jsx
const HelloWorldComponent = ({ from }) => {
    return (
            <div> Hello, from {from} </div>

export default HelloWorldComponent
  1. Run the build process with orbit build
  2. Create golang application
// main.go
package main

import (
    // ... 

func main() {
    // orbitgen comes from an autogenerated lib output from orbit
    orb, err := orbitgen.New()
    if err != nil {

    orb.HandleFunc("/", func (r *orbitgen.Request) {
        props := make(map[string]interface{})
        // sets the prop 'from' to the string 'orbit'
        props["from"] = "orbit"

        // renders a single page & passes props into the component
        c.RenderPage(orbitgen.HelloWorldComponent, props)

        // can also use c.RenderPages(...) to build a micro-frontend

    http.ListenAndServe(":3030", orb.Serve())

Run golang application with go run main.go


Contributing Guide

Please first read our contributing guide before contributing to this project.

Good First Issues

To gain exposure to the project you can find a list of good first issues.

Download Details:

Author: GuyARoss
Source Code: https://github.com/GuyARoss/orbit 
License: GPL-3.0 license

#go #golang #react #javascript 

Orbit: Golang-Powered Spatial Computing Brilliance
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