Cordova-ios: Apache Cordova iOS

Cordova iOS

Cordova iOS is an iOS application library that allows for Cordova-based projects to be built for the iOS Platform. Cordova based applications are, at the core, applications written with web technology: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Apache Cordova is a project of The Apache Software Foundation (ASF).


Create a Cordova project

Follow the instructions in the Create your first Cordova app section of Apache Cordova Docs

To use a shared CordovaLib, for example in development, link the appropriate cordova-ios platform folder path:

cordova platform add --link /path/to/cordova-ios

Updating a Cordova project

When you install a new version of the Cordova CLI that pins a new version of the Cordova-iOS platform, you can follow these simple upgrade steps within your project:

cordova platform rm ios
cordova platform add ios

Debugging in Xcode

Import project in Xcode through File > Open and targeting /path/to/your-cdv-project/platforms/ios/PROJECT_NAME.xcworkspace.

How to Test Repo Development

npm install
npm test

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Cordova-ios: Apache Cordova iOS
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