Many want to start getting into running Docker containers in their home lab environments. However, some struggle to understand what use cases, services, and solutions are good to run as containers. We take a look at the Best Docker Containers for Home Server environments, looking at my top 5 Docker containers I run in the home lab. Hopefully, this list will help inspire you guys to share what containers you are running and maybe try out some of the containerized services I am using.

Introduction to the Best Docker Containers to run on a home server - 0:00
Number 1 - Introduction to Rancher and using it to manage Kubernetes - 0:33
Looking at cluster management in Rancher - 1:12
Node templates with Rancher - 1:44
Looking at the Apps catalog and helm charts - 1:57
Why Rancher is my top pick - 2:24
Number 2 - Introduction to Portainer - 2:42
Talking about Portainer and its graphical interface - 3:05
Talking about the Portainer dashboard - 3:19
Looking around the containers dashboard and capabilities - 3:41
Integration with Docker Compose - 4:10
Built-in registry for apps contained in Portainer - 4:43
Number 3 - Introduction to Gitlab - 5:17
Talking about DevOps and Platform engineering - 5:47
Use cases for Gitlab - Terraform, Ansible, CI/CD pipelines - 6:02
Checking in code in the home lab and triggering processes - 6:20
Looking at the Docker container for Gitlab - 6:36
Creating new Gitlab projects - 6:46
Talking about CI/CD pipelines with Packer to automate build processes - 7:20
Number 4 - Introduction to Hashicorp Vault - 8:23
Thinking about how you deal with passwords and secrets in Infrastructure as Code - 8:44
What Hashicorp Vault does - 9:02
How I use Hashicorp Vault - 9:20
Talking about installing Hashicorp Vault from the Rancher helm chart - 9:40
Looking at the Vault pods in Kubernetes - 10:05
Logging into Vault - 10:22
Different types of secrets engines and what you can do with them - 10:30
Creating new entries in Vault - 11:14
Number 5 - Introduction to Dashy - 11:55
The use case for a home lab dashboard - 12:11
How I use Dashy for my home lab dashboard - 12:25
Looking at my home lab dashboard - 12:36
Creating new sections and entries to your Dashy dashboard - 13:25
Wrapping up my thoughts on the top 5 Docker Containers for Home Server and home lab - 13:38


Top 5 Docker Containers for Your Home Server: Get Started Now!
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