Laravel Mix Twig: Effortless Templating for Laravel Projects

Laravel Mix Twig

Laravel Mix extension that generates HTML from Twig templates.


Install with npm:

npm i -D laravel-mix-twig

Tested on laravel-mix@5.0.0.

Base configuration of webpack.mix.js to make the extension work:

const mix = require('laravel-mix');



By default it will search for Twig templates in ./resources/twig directory that isn't prefixed with underscore **/!(_)*.twig and try to generate HTML output to ./html.


You can configure extension with custom options as well.

enabled{Boolean}trueDetermines whether HTML should be generated.
dir{String}'__dirname.split('node_modules')[0]'Path to project directory
root{String}'./resources/twig'Path to root directory of Twig templates.
entries{Array}['**/!(_)*.twig']Match entries with glob.
output{String}'./html'Path to HTML output.
data{String}'data/**/*.{y?(a|)ml,json}'Path to YAML and/or JSON files in root directory.
dataExtend{Object}{}Extend data manually.
replaceOutputPath{String}''Removes symbols in output path
flatten{Boolean}falseWhen enabled, all HTML will be placed in the output folder without preserving the directory structure.
loader *Object{}twig-html-loader options.
html *Object{}html-webpack-plugin options.
beautify{Boolean|Object}falsejs-beautify options.

* marked options can had unexpected behavior. Please see example of advanced configurations below with explanations.

    enabled: !mix.inProduction(), // Enabled in development mode only
    root: './dev/templates', // Change default root path
    entries: ['index.twig', 'entries/*.twig'], // Custom entries
    output: './pub/templates', // Generate output HTML to this path
    data: '**/*.y?(a|)ml', // Search all `*.yml` and/or `*.yaml` files in root directory
    dataExtend: {
        ENV_IS_PRODUCTION: mix.inProduction(), // Add the environment variable
    flatten: true, // Don't preserve the output directory structure
    loader: { // Custom `twig-html-loader` options
        data: {}, // * Gets automatically generated object from files of `data` option
    html: { // Custom `html-webpack-plugin` options
        filename: {String}, // * Will be overwritten for each `entries`
        template: {String}, // * Depends on each path of the template from the root and its name
    beautify: { // Custom `js-beautify` options
        'end_with_newline': true,
        'indent_inner_html': true,
        'preserve_newlines': false,

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License: MIT License 

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Laravel Mix Twig: Effortless Templating for Laravel Projects
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