With the increase in the generation of data, Data Analysis has become one of the major functions in any organization. However, there are several questions that you as an aspiring data analyst may have. Our primary focus, in this article, will be to answer all these questions and take you a step further towards your dream of becoming a Data Analyst.

What is Data Analytics?

This data can be in the form of some corporate information, product innovations, or market trends. We can compare Data Analytics with a jigsaw puzzle. Similarly, in the process of data analytics, we collect the raw data from several sources, analyze it and transform it into some meaningful information that can be interpreted by humans. Thus, we can define Data Analysis as the process that helps to discover new and significant patterns by cleaning, summarizing, transforming, and modeling data which later can be used to make informative decisions.

The collected data can be of any of the three forms – structured, semi-structured, or unstructured and can be represented visually in the form of graphs and charts. There are numerous job roles in this field and out of all these, a Data Analyst’s career journey is the most satisfying and amazing.

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