Goldfish: HashiCorp Vault UI with Vue.js, Golang, and Bulma CSS

What is this?

Goldfish - A HashiCorp Vault UI and workflow tool.

ā€” Kelsey Hightower (@kelseyhightower) August 21, 2017

Goldfish answers many auditing and administration questions that Vault API can't:

  • Right now, are there any root tokens in Vault?
  • Which policies, users, and tokens can access this particular secret path?
  • The unseal admins are working from home, but we need a policy changed.
    • How do we generate a root token only for this change, and make sure it's revoked after?
  • I store my policies on a Github repo. Can I deploy all my policies in one go? See more
  • If I remove this secret/policy, will anybody's workflow break?

Deploy goldfish in production in minutes!

Seriously, the instructions fit on one screen!


  •  Hot-loadable server settings from a provided vault endpoint
  •  Displaying a vault endpoint as a 'bulletin board' in homepage
  •  Logging in with token, userpass, github, or LDAP
  •  Secret Reading/editing/creating/listing
  •  Auth Searching/creating/listing/deleting
  •  Mounts Listing
  •  Policies Searching/Listing
  •  Encrypting and decrypting arbitrary strings using transit backend

Major features: See wiki for more

  •  DONE! Searching tokens by policy walkthrough
    • E.g. Display all tokens that have the policy 'admins'
  •  DONE! Searching policy by rule walkthrough
    • E.g. Display all policies that can access 'secret/data*'
  •  DONE! Request & approval based policy changes walkthrough
    • Users can place a policy change request in vault
    • Admins must then provide unseal tokens for that specific request
    • Upon reaching a set number, goldfish generates a root token, performs edit, and revokes the root token
  •  DONE! Terraform your vault walkthrough
    • Fetch a folder of policies from a commit in github
    • Admins can enter their unseal tokens for approval to set vault policies according to policies found
    • Change dozens of policies in one go!
  •  DONE! Resource dependency chain
    • E.g. Will removing a particular policy affect current users?
    • Will removing a mount or secret path affect current users?


Developing Goldfish

Running locally

You'll need go (v1.9), nodejs (v8.2), and npm (v5)

# hashicorp vault ui

# clone goldfish
go get
cd $GOPATH/src/

# running goldfish server in -dev will spin up a local vault instance for you
go run server.go -dev

# running goldfish frontend in dev mode will allow for hot-reload of frontend files
cd frontend
sudo npm install -g cross-env
npm install
npm run dev

# a browser window/tab should open, pointing directly to goldfish

Using a VM

A vagrantfile is available as well

You'll need Vagrant and VirtualBox. On Windows, a restart after installation is needed.

# if you wish to launch goldfish in a VM:
git clone
cd goldfish/vagrant

# this will take awhile
vagrant up --provision

# go to localhost:8080 on your local machine and login with token 'goldfish'

# changes to frontend .vue files will be hot-reloaded
# to force a full reload for the frontend, ssh into the machine and run
#     `sudo systemctl restart goldfish_frontend.service`
# to recompile and re-run the backend, ssh into the machine and run
#     `sudo systemctl restart goldfish.service`


You'll need Go(v1.9), Nodejs (v8.2.0), Npm (v5)

Note that using different versions (of nodeJS, especially) will cause differences in the final binary.

# download the source code
go get -d
cd $GOPATH/src/

# resetting to a tagged version is recommended
# no support will be given to arbitrary commits on the master branch
git fetch --all --tags --prune
git checkout tags/<version> # version could be, for example, v0.8.0

# compile the binary


Goldfish is in very active development.

Pull requests and feature requests are welcome. Feel free to suggest new workflows by opening issues.



  • VueJS
  • Bulma CSS
  • Vue Admin



See: Architecture

Why 'Goldfish'?

This server should behave as a goldfish, forgetting everything immediately after a request is completed. That, and other inside-joke reasons.

Credits for the goldfish icon goes to Laurel Chan

Download details:

Author: Caiyeon

License: MPL-2.0 license

#vue #vuejs #golang #go 

Goldfish: HashiCorp Vault UI with Vue.js, Golang, and Bulma CSS
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