Kaltura NodeJS API Clients: Empowering Seamless Integration

Kaltura node.js API Client Library.

Compatible with Kaltura server version 19.4.0 and above. This client library replaces the older architecture that presented in previous node.js client library.

You can install this client library using npm with:

npm install kaltura-client 

Proxy settings for client

If the Kaltura client has to be used behind a proxy, this can be set in the KalturaConfiguration by setting proxy to the url of the proxy. For example:

const config = new kaltura.Configuration();
const proxyUrl = new URL('http://some.proxy.com');
proxyUrl.username = 'user';
proxyUrl.password = 'pass';
config.proxy = proxyUrl.toString();
const client = new kaltura.Client(config);

Sanity Check

  • Copy config.template.json to config.json and set partnerId, secret and serviceUrl
  • Run npm test

Code contributions

We are happy to accept pull requests, please see contribution guidelines

The contents of this client are auto generated from https://github.com/kaltura/clients-generator and pull requests should be made there, rather than to the https://github.com/kaltura/KalturaGeneratedAPIClientsNodeJS repo.

Relevant files are:

  • sources/node2
  • tests/ovp/node2
  • lib/Node2ClientGenerator.php

Download Details:

Author: kaltura
Source Code: https://github.com/kaltura/KalturaGeneratedAPIClientsNodeJS 
License: AGPL-3.0 license

#node #nodejs #api #client 

Kaltura NodeJS API Clients: Empowering Seamless Integration
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