Gnugo.js: Golang Strategy Unleashed in JavaScript


port gnugo to javascript with emscripten is used to generate necessary step database is used to generate gnugo.js

gnugowrapper.c is the main source file for gnugo.js to export APIs from GNU-Go (much code copied from play_ascii.c from gnugo source)

To compile gnugo correctly:

  • disable clock functionality: make gg_gettimeofday return 0 directly

Currently we support APIs:

  • Module._initializeGoGame(boardSize, komi, handicap, randomSeed)
  • Module._finalizeGoGame()
  • Module._getBoard(i, j)
  • Module._isLastMove(i, j)
  • Module._genNextStep(): make computer put current stone at a proper place
  • Module._moveTo(i, j): put current stone at (i,j), where 0 < i,j < size

after compiled out gnugo.js, try test.html with it. if want to interact with the board, open browser console panel, and try Module._moveTo(0, 0); showBoard(syncBoard(board)) to put one stone at A1.

Download Details:

Author: dna2ai
Source Code: 
License: MIT license

#go #golang #javascript

Gnugo.js: Golang Strategy Unleashed in JavaScript
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