Search UI React: A Headless Search Experience


A library of React Components for powering Yext Search integrations.

Getting Started

If you are using NPM 7+, you can install the components with the following command:

npm install @yext/search-ui-react

The @yext/search-headless-react peer dependency will be automatically installed.

If you are using NPM 6 or Yarn, you can install the library and its peer dependencies with this command:

npx install-peerdeps @yext/search-ui-react

The command will work with Yarn so long as NPM 6+ is installed on the machine.

Once the library and its peer dependencies are installed, our React Components should be nested inside the SearchHeadlessProvider. SearchHeadlessProvider requires a SearchHeadless instance, which is created using provideHeadless(...) with the appropriate credentials:

import { provideHeadless, SearchHeadlessProvider } from '@yext/search-headless-react';
import { SearchBar, UniversalResults, VerticalConfigMap } from '@yext/search-ui-react';
import { v4 as uuidv4 } from 'uuid';

const config = {
  apiKey: '<apiKey>',
  experienceKey: '<experienceKey>',
  locale: 'en',
  experienceVersion: 'PRODUCTION',

const searcher = provideHeadless(config);

let sessionId = window.sessionStorage.getItem('sessionId');
if (!sessionId) {
  sessionId = uuidv4();
  window.sessionStorage.setItem('sessionId', sessionId);

const verticalConfigMap: VerticalConfigMap = {
  help_articles: {
    label: "Help Articles"

function App() {
  return (
    <SearchHeadlessProvider searcher={searcher}>
      <SearchBar />
      <UniversalResults verticalConfigMap={verticalConfigMap}/>

export default App;

To use the Component Library's Styling without adding Tailwind to your project, add the following import:

import '@yext/search-ui-react/bundle.css'

Compatibility Notes

This library and its dependencies use optional chaining and other modern TS syntax that is not inherently supported by Webpack <5 (e.g. via create-react-app@4). Additional Babel plugins are needed for transpiling if using legacy versions.

See the full documentation here.

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Search UI React: A Headless Search Experience
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