Polywrap-wasm-rs: Build WebAssembly APIs with Rust

Polywrap is a framework for developing software powered by Wraps. Wraps are software modules that are:

  • Portable - run in any environment
  • Composable - easily and safely call into one another

We believe that the future of software will be driven by a multitude of highly-specialized, platform-agnostic modules rather than monoliths.

Getting Started

To get started using the Polywrap CLI, follow the installation instructions.

If you haven't already, checkout Polywrap's developer documentation, where you'll find quick-starts & in-depth tutorials to help you accomplish your goals.


If you're interested in contributing to this, or any Polywrap repository, checkout the contributing guide as well as join our Discord!

Polywrap comes with:

  • Clients - for interacting with Wraps from any environment
  • CLI - for integrating, building, and deploying Wraps

Currently, Polywrap is being used for:

  • Web3 - bringing web3 protocols into all types of apps
  • AI - enabling AI to learn and compose together new actions

Check out awesome-polywrap for an overview of the the Polywrap ecosystem.

Community support

Join our Discord to get support and connect with the community!


Polywarp is open-source software currently licensed as MIT.

Download details:

Author: polywrap
Source: https://github.com/polywrap/cli

License: MIT license
#webassembly  #rust 

Polywrap-wasm-rs: Build WebAssembly APIs with Rust
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