Botpress: The Open-source Hub to Build & Deploy GPT/LLM Agents

Botpress Cloud

Botpress is the ultimate platform for building next-generation chatbots and assistants powered by OpenAI. Start building incredible assistants for your projects or businesses at lightning speed.

Getting started

This repository contains:


The /integrations folder contains all our public and open-source integrations. We invite the community to contribute their own integrations to Botpress Cloud.

Create integrations using the Botpress CLI and submit a pull request to make your mark on the future of chatbots.


The Botpress Cloud environment is built using Typescript and Node.js. Make sure you have a recent version of Node (>16) and npm installed.

npm install -g @botpress/cli # for npm
yarn global add @botpress/cli # for yarn
pnpm i -g @botpress/cli # for pnpm


# Login for the first time
bp login

# Interactive command to build a new integration
bp init

Deploying a Private Integration

By default, all integrations are private to the workspace they have been deployed in.

bp deploy

Making your Integration Public

To submit your integration to the Botpress Hub and make it publicly available to the community, please make a pull request to this repository by following these Integration Contribution guidelines.


Coming soon.


@botpress/cliBuild and deploy private or public integrationsDocsCode
@botpress/clientType-safe client to consume the Botpress APIsDocsCode
@botpress/sdkInternal package used by to build integrationsDocsCode


We love contributions from the community! We welcome pull requests that provide improvements or bug fixes for the CLI, Client, SDK or Integrations.

Please keep the contributions to integrations and open-source packages. For bugs or features related to the API, Botpress Cloud or the Botpress Studio, please talk to us on Discord instead!


The development environment requires the following tools to be installed:

  • git: Git is a free and open source distributed version control system.
  • node: Node.js® is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine.
  • pnpm: PNPM is a fast, disk space efficient package manager.
  • tilt: Tilt is a toolkit for fixing the pains of microservice development.

Building from sources

# Clone the repository
git clone
cd botpress

# Build Sources
tilt ci

# Run Checks
pnpm run check

Download Details:

Author: Botpress
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License: MIT license

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Botpress: The Open-source Hub to Build & Deploy GPT/LLM Agents
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