Golang vs Node.js: What's the Difference?

Now before moving into detailed article, Let’s have a look on the basic differences between both:

Go** **is Google’s simple programming language and Node.js is runtime JavaScript code execution. But both works for backend development.

Go writes the code that is executable at the server-side while Node.js creates an environment for JavaScript to execute it’s code on the server side.

Now let’s compare the differences pointwise.


Node.js: Node.js has been derived from JavaScript and appears to be slower in writing executable code, but overall with regards to performance it is good to go with.

**Golang: **Golang has similar performance as with C or C++, which is very good.


Concurrency in very simple terms means that two or more processes (or threads) run together, but not at the same time. Only one process executes at once.

**Node.js: **Node.js handles some of the world’s heaviest, scalable workloads on it’s seemingly ‘single-threaded’ event-loop. Node.js is single-threaded, which means that the execution instructions are performed in sequence. And this may be its Achilles’ heel when it comes to large applications requiring massive scaling with a lot of parallel processes executed at the same time. JavaScript allows some concurrency with event callbacks; however, they are not too effective.

Golang: Golang uses coroutines* *called “goroutines”. Goroutines allow multiple threads to be performed simultaneously with parallel tasks executed easily and reliably.

Learning Curve:

**Node.js: **Since Node.js is available in the industry from a long time. There are so many options available for learning it over the internet.

**Golang: **Go is new in comparison to Node.js with less resources and options to enhance learning for developers.

Error Handling:

**Node.js: Nodejs **uses the traditional throw catch error technique, wherein errors are fixed immediately as soon as they occur.

**Golang: **Go poses a problem for developers with its explicit runtime and compilation time error mechanism.


Node.js: Node.js has a weaker parallel process and is not suitable for larger project development work.

**Golang: **Golang uses Go-routines which allow multiple threads to perform parallel tasks at a single go.

Development Tools:

**Node.js: **Since Node.js is a runtime environment that runs on JavaScript environment, there is a multitude of libraries, frameworks, and tools available for it

**Golang: **Number of libraries, tools, and packages available are very few. So it’s a little bit challenging with Golang developers.

Blockchain Integration:

**Node.js: **Node.js is not suitable for blockchain implementation.

**Golang: **Go language is more agile and simplified for incorporating Blockchain technology.

Community Support:

**Node.js: **Node.js has very huge community support.

**Golang: **Golang is not used widely like Node.js yet, So community support is very less.

Brands Relying:

**Node.js: **Godaddy, Netflix, Linkedin, Paypal, Groupon, Walmart.

**Golang: **Google, BBC, Docker, BaseCamp, Medium, Dropbox.


Node.js and Go, both have their pros and cons and it is a very tough task to choose one. But you can definitely select it according to your specific project requirements.

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Golang vs Node.js: What's the Difference?
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