Slow Excel files that take forever to load or recalculate are a common headache for anyone who uses spreadsheets regularly. Fortunately, there are many tips and tricks you can use to improve Excel performance. In this tutorial, we'll identify the most common causes of slow Excel files and how to speed them up so you can improve productivity.

0:00 Why Your Spreadsheet is Running Slowly
0:27 Data Size
0:44 PivotTables
1:01 Array Formulas
1:45 Nested Formulas
2:31 Volatile Functions
3:04 Lookup Formulas
4:00 Conditional Functions
4:39 Defined Names
5:08 Error Handling
5:21 External Links
5:46 Formatting
6:22 Redundant Formatting
7:30 Excel Tables
8:10 Passowrd Protection
8:23 UDFs
8:37 Outdated Software

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The Ultimate Guide to Improving Excel Performance
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