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Android is an Open-Source OS and it was initially developed by Android Inc. It was acquired by Google and officially launched in 2007 to be used in Smart Phones and Tablet devices. As of June 2018, 88% of total mobile devices use Android and has over 2 billion users worldwide. For any organization developing Mobile Apps, Android should definitely be a target platform.

Finding an app developer isn't that difficult these days, it's finding the right one for your business, which can be tricky. They have hundreds of Mobile Application Development Companies across the Globe that partner with them; work with them to deliver a quality-driven mobile app development service.

Mobile applications have become an important part of our lives. Become an educational or shopping application or a fun or messaging application. They have completely different roles and have become an integral part of our lives. No one can think of a smartphone without this app. Various companies are working on the development of these applications.

Here, we provide you complete list of the Top 10 Android App Development Companies in order to help you find a reliable partner with corresponding experience and skills. Check it out!

List of the Top Android App Development Companies:

 1.        Auxano Global Services

2.         Panaceatek

3.         JetRuby Agency LTD

4.         Brsoftech

5.         MSys Technologies

6.         Bedjango

7.         HEDGEHOG LAB

8.         Electric Pulp

9.         Flower Press Creative Studio, LLC

10.       Initux Software Limited

1.Auxano Global Services

Auxano Global Services is an innovative mobile and web development company in India, having a team of 50+ high-skilled and professionals’ employees with innovative ideas for the designing and developing the Website and Mobile app for Android, iPhone, and Windows app Development. We create high end apps for their clients. We work on making you successful through strategy and our specialized knowledge in building, forward-thinking user experience development for both web and mobile.

2. Panaceatek

Panacea Infotech is a digital partner of choice for many businesses across the world. For over a decade, we have been offering custom software development services focusing on web and mobile applications to help SMEs and large companies stay ahead of the curve. We are a technology-driven firm expert in custom product engineering and enterprise application development help clients add value to their business. With a diverse team of product engineering experts and problem solvers, we transform ideas into successful business solutions.

3. JetRuby Agency LTD

Founded in 2010 as a YC startup, JetRuby Agency a smart, professional BPO company, specializing in building efficient digital solutions to help businesses grow. With more than 100 skilled employees and 4 offices worldwide, we have the capacity, passion and expertise needed, to bring your vision to reality.If you need specific technical expertise and want to have full control over the development process, we offer the Dedicated Team model. You’ll be able to choose from our best developers and gather your own dream team!

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Android Developer For Hire | Offshore Android Development Companies
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