In this Docker - Kubernetes tutorial, we will Learn What Is Kubernetes Network Policy. 

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Kubernetes assets that control the traffic between pods. Kubernetes network policy lets developers secure access to and from their applications. This is how we can restrict a user's access.

➤ How Does Network Policy Work?

There are unlimited situations where you need to permit or deny traffic from specific or different sources. This is utilized in Kubernetes to indicate how gatherings of pods are permitted to speak with one another and with outside endpoints.

➤ Network Policy In Pods

All Pods in Kubernetes communicate with each other which are present in the cluster. By default all Pods are non-isolated however Pods become isolated by having a Kubernetes Network Policy in Kubernetes.

Default Network Policies In Kubernetes
➥Default deny all ingress traffic
➥Default permit all ingress traffic
➥Default deny all Egress traffic
➥Default permit all Egress traffic
➥Default deny all Ingress and all Egress traffic

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Where we explain:
00:00 - Introduction
00:10 - What we will cover
00:32 - Certifications
00:52 - Learning Path
01:32 - Network Security
02:52 - Traffic types
03:16 - Policies
05:14 - Network Policy
09:46 - Free Master Class

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What Is Kubernetes Network Policy
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