Gen-OpenAI-Image: Generate Images with OpenAI

OpenAI DALL-E image generator CLI

I wanted to generate a bunch of images given prompts in an easy way.

Although a CURL might've been able to do it, I ended up packaging it in this small cli.


export OPENAI_API_KEY=your-key
gen-openai-image --variations 1 --output test --size 256 --prompt "A worm eating an apple"

Or, use npx to call the latest published version of this cli:

npx gen-openai-image --prompt "A woodchipper spitting out png files" --key “your api key”

Building locally

I use yarn link in the root folder of this project to symlink the bin script. Then you can do local changes and test them by running gen-openai-image ...

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Author: ddikman
Source Code: 
License: ISC

#openai #image #api 

Gen-OpenAI-Image: Generate Images with OpenAI
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