We'll be taking a look at Midjourney AI and how it can be used to help you achieve success. This tutorial is specifically made for architecture students, professionals, and architecture enthusiasts. 

We will go over everything you will need to know about Midjourney in order to create stunning architectural visuals. We cover the basics of how to use Midjourney AI, important parameters for architecture-related images, how to remodel your current home exterior and interior with Midjourney, how to create seamless patterns and textures with the new --tile parameter, and how to animate your Midjourney AI images for free in less than 1 minute.

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∴ C H A P T E R S

0:00 How to Use Midjourney

     0:13 Download Discord

     0:26 Create a Discord Account

     0:46 Link Your Discord and Midjourney

     1:21 How to Use Discord

     2:15 Midjourney Plans

     4:28 Create a Private Midjourney Server

6:00 How to Use Midjourney

     7:42 How to Use Upscale, Variation, and Rerun

     9:36 How to Save an Image

10:02 How to Write Effective Prompts

14:52 Midjourney Parameters (Architecture Specific)

     15:04 What is a Parameter

     15:38 Aspect Ratio

     15:59 Chaos Parameter

     16:07 The NO Parameter

     16:12 Quality Parameter

     16:36 Uplight and Upbeta Parameter

     16:54 Stylize Parameter

     17:20 Video Parameter

     17:30 Model Version Parameter

     18:12 What is an Image URL?

     18:43 What is Remix Mode?

     19:08 How to Use Remix Mode (Edit your Images)

     20:27 What is Seed?

     20:43 How to Use Seed (Reuse your buildings and other elements)

     22:34 Remix Mode Vs. Seed

     22:52 How to Use Image URLS

     23:56 What is Image Weight?

     24:08 How to Use Image Weight

     25:54 How to Use Blend (Blend images together)

27:08 Upload + Edit Your Own Images With Midjourney

29:21 Turn a Sketch Into a Masterpiece With Midjourney

36:14 Create Seamless Patterns and Textures

41:51 Remodel Your House With Midjourney (Phone and Desktop)

46:03 How to Easily Animate Your Buildings

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Everything you will need to know about Midjourney in order to create stunning architectural visuals
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