Not so long ago, the technology used to build a website was quite simple. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript were all you needed in the good old days. And most of the time, you didn’t even need the last one! But now, things are getting a bit more complex. You have all these new techniques and technology you need to keep track of. While they might be confusing at first, learning about them can help make us more productive developers. One of these concepts we hear a lot about nowadays is the microservice architecture. It caused quite a stir, especially recently, because it's not usually explained well... Even experienced developers have no idea what microservices are, and that's alright. Usually, when asked about what they think microservices are, most web developers are going to say something like: Doesn't that have something to do with APIs? The answer is kind of. In the Jamstack world, we often talk about them as the same thing, but really they're complementary concepts. Learning about each idea's details can help us, especially when we only need one between APIs vs. microservices. Let's explore these two concepts. We'll start with the dictionary definitions, but don't worry. I'll move past the janky jargon and get to the meat of it in a bit.

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API vs. Microservices: A Beginners Guide to Understand Them
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