Enhancing MS Teams with GraphQL: Tooling & Runtime Support

GraphQL tooling & runtime support needed for MS Teams and beyond


  • @graphitation/apollo-mock-client: An Apollo Client that allows mocking of payloads in response to operations, rather than having to provide them all upfront.
  • @graphitation/apollo-react-relay-duct-tape: A compatibility wrapper that provides the react-relay API on top of Apollo Client.
  • @graphitation/graphitation-cli: binaries for the codegen and extractors.
  • @graphitation/graphql-codegen: generates resolver types and models.
  • @graphitation/graphql-codegen-supermassive-schema-extraction-plugin: GraphQL codegen supermassive schema extraction.
  • @graphitation/graphql-js-operation-payload-generator: Generates a payload for a given GraphQL operation expressed in graphql-js AST and a GraphQL Schema.
  • @graphitation/graphql-js-tag: A simple graphql-js AST based graphql tagged template function.
  • @graphitation/graphql-eslint-rules: Graphql eslint rules
  • @graphitation/rempl-apollo-devtools: Rempl apollo devtools
  • @graphitation/supermassive: Supermassive is a lightweight schema-less GraphQL executor and query build-time compiler
  • @graphitation/supermassive-extractors: extracts implicit resolvers
  • @graphitation/apollo-react-relay-duct-tape-compiler: The build tools to cater to @graphitation/apollo-react-relay-duct-tape's needs.

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Author: Microsoft

Official Github: https://github.com/microsoft/graphitation 

License: MIT

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Enhancing MS Teams with GraphQL: Tooling & Runtime Support
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